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The Yawning Void, Ginnungagap
The Myth of Creation of Life
The Fusion of Muspelheim and Niflheim: Birth of Everything

Ginnungagap Maxres10
The hot vapour of Muspelheimr caressed the glacial mists of Nifelheimr in a steamy invitation for wanderlust. Before long they fused thier fumes, inhaling one another in senseless hunger & thirst for more - breathing longingly into each other. Therewith, a magnetic desire was born that could not be deafeated or overcum, nor could it be forgotten... They had to touch. They drew nearer in a wild yearning to have each other...Destroy each other! Dead set to celebrate their lethal attraction by becoming One! Even if neither ever could be the same again, never after... In the blink of a moment all happened. The Ice met Fire & in their lovesong of fire & ice...the flamboyant tongues of the flames licked the slick frozen shell in fervid lust, lovers leaked plentiful juices in pure
The molten core of Muspelhemr penetrated Nifelheimr's frozen heart & spilled into it's deepest hollows. & so they finished together...they finished each other off in a climax of Cosmic Creation! The tempestuous hailstorms of Chaos & Contrast danced savagely in the pitch-black Void with the force of a million Valkyrian orgasms. & the Magic of the Universe wept a thousand tears of joy! In the end all that was left of them was the ocean in memory to the First Love. Their fatal love. There was only water now. But each end is planted with the seeds of a new beginning. For in this water...rose Ymir - & so it all Began if only to end with yet another Beginning!
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