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 General Elenthius' headquarters

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General Elenthius was dozing on the cool surface of his leather bed. A satin coverlet outlined flexibly the curves of his muscles and formed an oval protuberance on his intimate zones. He lay there, still as a marmoreal statue, immortalized in inscrutable silence. As a typical Neptunean, he was breathing so lightly that a bare eye could not detect any bulging of his chest. His race was gifted with the ability to draw pure extracts and substantial essences from the environment, either necessary for its normal functioning, or for the sake of its spiritual satisfaction. The contents of a typical human inhalation would cause an instant orgasm to a Neptunean, if they ever tried to inspire so deeply. Yet the Neptuneans were premeditated creatures that did not want to get used to any forms of excitement, otherwise they’d risk to become bored rather … quickly. They preferred to taste only a bit of what they needed, to experience joy concentrated in small amounts that were, however, enough to deliver them cosmic pleasure; but also bring them a longing thrill of sweet yearning so that they could be drawn to a further reiteration of the same experience without it losing its charm.
The general had an immaculate appearance. His bluish skin glowed with a dimmed magical energy that would tempt any earthly creature that has never seen such alien glamor; yes, it would bind the poor souls and make them  fully subservient. Elenthius’ blond hair elongated his high brow, then it made a gentle curve so as to pour itself like a waterfall outflowing on his massive shoulders. The proportions of his face formed a perfect mathematical design. And his horns, his pride, pierced the open space triumphantly like pyramidal peaks of inaccessible mountains. It was obvious that they were made of durable, rigid material; and they emitted a natural glow, as if polished by freshly applied lacquer. Yes, it was certainly noble blood that flowed through the general’s veins!
But what about the content of his soul ...? If Elentius hadn’t sealed the access to his innermost recesses with the most powerful Neptunean spells and technological protections, perhaps a demon would reveal that his soul contained very potent, rich flavors that could rarely be found even among such a strictly genetically modified race as the Neptuneans.  The crystalline fountains of his soul vibrated in absolute harmony; as a perfectly set clockwork mechanism. There was no place for Chaos within him until a day would come when his duties would order him to let it in. All his beginnings were perfectly synchronized, perfectly dozed as if by a mechanically programmed dropper. His tenacity intertwined with his will, they swooped tantivy together as a continuous inwrought  DNA strand that lacked malfunctions of any kind. Alongside them, cool and slowly,  shimmered his sangfroid with a very quiet rhythm - like a snake killer stalking its prey ruthlessly in the darkness; it knew no fear; contrarywise, it always manifested itself as an attacker, waiting for the right moment to assail its victim. Elenthius’accuracy, perfectionism and workaholism were gear wheels that connected together a lubricated chain. And all the flavours of his soul were enfolded by his pervasive authority, which turned to be precisely the reason why he held the position of a General. Elenthius was always ready to figure the situation, to take an optimal or an abstract solution, to think "outside the box" - and the others accepted his decisions without ever questioning them. His posture, his presence, his movements and facial expressions, his attitude - everything he was, made the others obey, they immediately turned into his subordinates, all of them convinced that a more appropriate guidance could never be provided by anyone else.

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The Night General Ellenthius meets his Maker

Thus, he lay there within the satin-like embrace of his bed covers. But were they satin? No. They were a molecularly recombined grid of flawless inorganic fabric. 100% filth & sylph-repellant. Ellenthius would otherwise never allow anything disorderly or, Overlord forbid, unsanitary touch upon the unbreakable finish of his livid skin. And it had to be the most especial ilk of silk provided this….this was the rarest of ceremonies for him. Resting, drowsing…even just laying himself down. Those were the oddest and most sacred moments of phenomena in his mind’s eye. And not simply because Neptuneans only ever needed a minute amount of sleep due to their multifunctional capacity for overcompensation. Many a creature lay their heads carelessly down and dozed off into the realm of sleep for sheer physical replenishment…then opened their eyes and proceeded to survive in their pitiful existence. Until cometh the day when Thanatos lay in bed with them…instead of Hypnos. But for the good General of ours this…Nothing, was just so simple. For only a Warlord of the utmost pride and honor would have the makings to comprehend the overbearing, head-spinning contrast between standing tall and proud and laying down...flat and low - one with the surface of the quietest waters that flow… Or how sweetly it stung… The difference between militantly flaunting a strong-set frame and utterly reclining, relinquishing your entire self to kiss the ground that you tread upon, let it carry the entirety of your existence as you vulnerably surrender unto it. For it is the Almighty fatherly Foundation. It is Overlord Neptune himself!
If there was any Deity that Ellenthius could find it within himself to actually worship – Overlord Neptune was it! He liked to calculate that just as without a stable, non-crumbling base to lean upon - no grandiose structure or majestic monument could ever be erected to stand… thus just thereafter the algorithm of this divine reciprocation it could be deducted that… Yes, without the unshakable lap of Lord Neptune to set his feet and fix his soul upon - he himself, the leader great, would be an utterly misbalanced thing of inordinate instability. An absolute abomination! This, general Ellenthius always recalculated in his own mind… And it gave him leverage to level himself into completely controlled contentment. Perhaps it even stirred a thrill deep within him to know that the ultimate authority that be was not him! Forsooth, one and all looked up to Master Ellenthius. But there was One he could gaze up to worshipfully…in awe. In his earlier and greener millennia, everyone else that he felt rose above him, Ellenthius only ever perceived as a competitor, an opponent. He, who must be made to bow his shaky head before him or else have his neck snapped into an eternal bow. And how the General savored the challenge…how he loved to make them all kneel! And yet…how do you make the adamantine firmament that you kneel upon…kneel to you? It is a mathematically incalculable impossibility and so much more. How does the soul overshadow the building-fibers of its own core? How does your Breath blow away the Divine Airflux that you hover in and that hovers within you? How do you peer beyond the All-seeing eye that gave you the gift of clairvoyant Sight, in the Beginning? One does not simply…one cannot even try. And this impossibility put Ellenthius into a sweet deadlock; the immeasurable grip of this impasse tickled his senses…to know that even at the top of the pyramid, he was still a slave to its boundless authority. But halt, slave was of lower linguistic frequency! Thrall – the vibration of this word, even unspoken, made his sinewy synapses contract strangely and sent unrecognizable impulses through the mighty network of his preprogrammed nerve-endings. It made them feel somehow yieldingly…somehow ecstatically overcharged! It made him the dweller within the most Omnipotent cell!
And yet that Night it finally happened. It lighted on him in a Neptunean twinkling. Ellenthius was…in despair! But why? Why despair? The constant veneration he harbored for his liege Overlord, however consummate, was ever inconsumable! Because Neptune was so much more than unshakable…Alas, wasn’t He! He was unfathomable, unreachable, untouchable… And something seemed to break, within the immaculate clockwork mechanism of general Ellenthius’s soul as he exhaled his very first sigh of despair...  
Ellenthius snapped when his own imperfect emotion came into his ware. And therewith the shame he inflicted upon himself for giving into such weak vibrations…an even stronger reeling spiral of upheaval tightened his powerful chest. And so without wasting a moment of time…which had suddenly become of the essence like never before, he decided. Pledged it upon himself – he would journey yonder – into the highest place of celestial hierarchy. The Tempestuous Darkness of Overlord Neptune’s Omniscient Eye, where no creature of a kind dared to go. That ever-raging hurricane storm of absolute quintessential Supremacy. And once it swept him in, irreversibly, sucked his petty particles into its mighty unquenchable vacuum and he lay at His mercy…then Ellenthius would know if he was worthy! Worthy of a precious toxin he could not put a name upon. Not yet. Something he desperately needed. But he would know it the instant it was granted to him! Or the moment it was denied… Notwithstanding it may be a death wish he had made…the General would still depart! Unaware, the rest of the world kept on whirling. Unawares, the rest of this World went bleak and boring ...The time had come for Ellenthius to test his true worth in the Eye of Overlord Neptune himself…if it was the last thing he ever did do…        

Kyrie Eleison, down the road that I must travel
Kyrie Eleison, through the Darkness of the Night
Kyrie Eleison, where I'm going, will you follow?
Kyrie Eleison, on a highway in the light
General Elenthius' headquarters Stephan+Martiniere_George+RedHawk

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General Elenthius' headquarters
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