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 Hymn to the Void

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Ve⚡⚡periel Thranduiliel
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Ve⚡⚡periel Thranduiliel

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PostSubject: Hymn to the Void   Tue Aug 11, 2015 12:59 am

A grandiose Gothic Cathedral, in all the gargantuan elaboration of its structure casts a greater shadow on the ground it is built upon, than a small shack of straw and wood.... Identically, in Life, the bigger and stronger your feelings for someone, the larger the space he occupies in the realm of your heart... and the deeper and more impenetrable a shadow the flipside of his presence does cast upon it. And all the more frightening are the roving sprites and demons that may rise from that Shadow. So, go ahead, give yourself to someone or something so entirely that you lose the self you had within its embrace. Immerse yourself unto the creative flux of its fury and let it rule you and engulf you completely, for there is no feeling more Divine! It throws the Soul into a trance of ambrosial inebriation unmatchable by what superficial effects spirits and drugs may stir up within the mortal shell. But when you surrender yourself thus, be warned, that a Fire that burns bright enough to make you...casts a Darkness black enough to break you. And even the Phoenix of Flame Imperishable cannot rise from the ashes of the Void.


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Hymn to the Void
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