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 Númenórëan Royal Family

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Númenórëan Royal Family  Empty
PostSubject: Númenórëan Royal Family    Númenórëan Royal Family  Icon_minitimeTue Aug 11, 2015 12:18 pm

Númenórëan Royal Family  KZ3rSe

Vëantur Neptune & his son Prince Lanthir Lamath (Waterfall of Echoing Voices)
Númenórëan Royal Family  Tumblr_nroe3m3gEs1uonld7o1_1280

AllMother Nammu in her Numenorean skin by the name of Queen Velella
Númenórëan Royal Family  The-best-top-desktop-fantasy-wallpapers-hd-fantasy-wallpaper-13

Vicemonarch Thriton The Seareborn
Númenórëan Royal Family  Neptune_king_of_the_sea_monkeys________by_williams731210-d4mli0u

Thriton's Mighty Marine Mount Azurfax
Númenórëan Royal Family  Tumblr_mrnn3qeb8y1sdhsfbo4_1280

PrimusPrince Alvandur the Waverer
Númenórëan Royal Family  3a9f0b8ef8db85a2c5f77265eb2f15b4

ArcPrincess Cya - Pearl of the Netherflux
Númenórëan Royal Family  Tumblr_mx0dc2q1zu1qcxfhgo1_1280

WarriorPrince Athalantus the Downfaller
Númenórëan Royal Family  4ba263e21161c100637ff41a91d6385c

Prince Lyrgalas Fairfin
Númenórëan Royal Family  32aa57dcd00735a55d23bae5d40aa9b7

Prince Elrinmor Airborne (not-so-distant relative of King Elros and Lord Elrond of Rivendell) and his twin sister Nimla - the sole white flower of Darkness deep - Them two were as One and the only One that ever could venture to the Surface Above despite how much they feared!
Númenórëan Royal Family  Large

Númenórëan Royal Family  0df2c0fa1f44963f566ed22db026ee0fNúmenórëan Royal Family  0df2c0fa1f44963f566ed22db026ee0fNúmenórëan Royal Family  0df2c0fa1f44963f566ed22db026ee0f

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Númenórëan Royal Family
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