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 Varg Vickerness - HAIL & Respect

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Ve⚡⚡periel Thranduiliel
MÊlÊth MarthannÊn Alfîrîn Nîn
Ve⚡⚡periel Thranduiliel

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PostSubject: Varg Vickerness - HAIL & Respect   Wed Feb 17, 2016 7:15 am

Varg Vikerness - a true northMan worshipping the right Gods & burning the wrong one down! Defending the Honor & morbid memory of Paul Dead Ohlin by killing his idiotic Satanist wanna-be commersial abuser - Euronymous! Also making some hardcore demonic Music & dwelling in pagan spiritual Darkness all the way through! Raize thine cups of mead & weapons to this fine son of Odin! By Gods there are fewer and fewer of these in our world that remain...To good old Varg - HERE HERE!

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Varg Vickerness - HAIL & Respect
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