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 King Thranduil upon his Throne!

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Ve⚡⚡periel Thranduiliel
MÊlÊth MarthannÊn Alfîrîn Nîn
Ve⚡⚡periel Thranduiliel

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PostSubject: King Thranduil upon his Throne!    Thu Jun 16, 2016 4:09 am

Thranduil, I HIR ARAN NIN!

As statueque & majestic as you rise...towering tall & proud upon your regal feet...

The true & worthy, immortal Elvenking that you are does need a befitting throne!  Twisted Evil

There are countless positions that King Thranduil tries upon his throne...

& EVEN MORE that I would like to try with him upon his fucking throne...

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King Thranduil upon his Throne!
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